Mind hacks – Change your feelings change your life

As a human being we are born with the heritage to feel and learn. This is a privilege where computer is yet to be able to emulate. This gift to feel is both a boon and a bane. When we feel happy, joyous and all other positive emotions we say we feel good. However, we also feel sadness, irritation, anger, hopelessness which could paralyse us and prevent our ability to be at our best. 

As a coach, often time client present their narrative sprinkled with negative emotions which in a way brought them to see you. 

One quick way to work with a client who has gone into emotional territory is to pace and lead them into a resourceful emotions (NLP – reference as state). One way of doing this is to ask the question “What would you like to feel instead?”. This has to be asked in an appropriate manner depending on the situation. This simple question will likely move the client to solution rather than being in a problem state (Solution Focus approach).

When the client is feeling more resourceful their life becomes better. Such as hopefulness, clarity and outcome focused.

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