NLP Practitioner & Coach Certification

"  Are you at risk of being irrelevant? "

It’s year 2018. The world we are living in is a very different world compared to just ten years ago when the first smartphone was introduced. The speed of change take no prisoner. We either embrace the change and thrive or be left by the wayside.

As practitioners of change we are fully aware of the immense pressure imposed on us by this technology age. To many, just coping with change is already tough enough. Full time employment is no longer a given in an organization. Businesses are streamlining and converting to contingent workforce.

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How then can we surf and move along in this world? How can we adapt and thrive? At the same time, can we also be purposeful in our daily living? Upon those questions, we strived and developed a NLP programme that aims to answer these questions. The essence of this programme is to equip you with the capability to stay economically relevant and even thrive.

Harnessing Human Potential

Solution Focus Coaching

Module 1: 3-day

You will learn the structure and framework for achieving results quickly. You will learn to listen deeply and ask precise questions that shift perceptions and empower people. You will learn to connect with people quickly and also develop the skills to notice human emotions, which is underdeveloped in most people.



Powerful Emotions That Drive Success

Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Module 2: 3-day

The human emotion is the most powerful force in us.  It can destroy us or drive us to greatness. Despite its immense power, it is largely ignored in organizations, family and communities.  In this programme, you will be privileged to learn the NLP tools that will help you to unlock this immense power for positive change. 





Adapt & Thrive

Transformational Coaching

Module 3: 6-day

The buzz word today is "disruptive technology".  From transportation (likes of Uber), shopping, communicating to

education.  Digitising business is a necessity to stay in business.


As leader, the ability to embrace and adapt to change begins with an adaptable mindset.