Adapt And Thrive

NLP Practitioner & Coach Certification

The buzz word today is ‘disruptive technology’. From transportation (likes of Uber), shopping, communicating to education. Digitising business is a necessity to stay in business.

As leader, the ability to embrace and adapt to change begins with an adaptable mindset.

You will develop skills to transform limiting mindsets. This is highly relevant and useful in the current Fourth Industrial Revolution. The mental ability to adapt to change and also effect change in others. You will be able to coach your direct reports, your family members, your friends to rise above and thrive in this technology driven world.


Programme Outline & Learning Outcomes

  • NLP Epistemology and the structure of perceptions
  • Discovering values and beliefs that limit progress
  • Transforming beliefs and developing new beliefs that empower
  • Discovering the metaphors of identity
  • NLP Linguistic Patterns applied to deep motivations for desired outcome
  • NLP Milton Model for inspiring positive change
  • Developing High Performance States
  • Fast Phobia cure
  • Stacking positive states for empowerment and actions
  • Develop personal circle of excellence
  • Logical Levels and Chunking for effective thinking and sorting
  • Personal editing for behavioral excellence
  • New Behavior Generator for effective performance