NLP Practitioner & Coach Certification

Harnessing Human Potential

Module 1:  Solution Focus Coaching

You will learn the structure and framework for achieving results quickly. You will learn to listen deeply and ask precise and profound questions that shift perceptions and empower people. You will learn to connect with people quickly and also develop the skills to notice human emotions, which is underdeveloped in most people. Even more importantly, you will become solution focused in your approach to leadership and achieve results quickly.

“Coach” in this context is defined as ‘co-creating solutions toward achieving a desired outcome’. A phrase which in practice is more art than science. A non-linear approach towards creating results through taking small actions that lead to big changes.


A leader is just one person. A team that works cohesively will certainly achieve more. Using Solution Focus approach, you will have the skill to harness the potential in a team or a group. It nurtures positive behaviours that work on affirming human qualities to create a sense of success and progress. When a person feels successful they often contribute even more discretionary efforts.

Programme Outline & Learning Outcomes

  • Fundamentals of Solution Focus coaching
  • Principles and practices of co-creating solutions
  • Solution Focus framework
  • Coaching linguistics
  • Deep listening
  • Psychogeography – applied to coaching
  • Developing the skills to build rapport with coachee
  • Learn the ability to have multiple descriptions and facilitating it with coachee
  • Spatial Time Line for coaching
  • Visual Time Line for coaching
  • Calibration skills – state shift, meta messages from coachee and non-verbal communication