NLP Practitioner & Coach Certification

(Includes Solutions Focus Coaching)

12-day Intensive


This course is oriented towards applying Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Solution Focused approach to provide a solid framework to enhance the quality of coaching.


This is not just any NLP practitioner course. It is highly rigorous that meets the expectations of ITANLP requirements and clients’ expectations of you as an NLP Coach.



The objective of this course is to develop your coaching competency and NLP skills that meets the requirements of ITANLP.  At the end of the course you will be able to begin coaching executives and individuals.


Solutions Focus Coaching

Solutions Focus approach has been refined over more than forty years. It was created by the late Dr. Steve D’Shazer and late Insoo Kim Berg. This approach has proliferated globally from counseling to coaching and organization development. As the name implies, it is focused on co-creating solutions with the client towards a preferred future. It focuses on solution rather than the problem. The result of this approach is often ‘brief’ for the simple reason that the client could arrive at the desired coaching outcome very quickly.



NLP tools and processes are particularly suited for coaching. You will be able to build rapport quickly and maintain it too. The multitude of processes will help the client to access past resources quickly and develop new behaviors and thinking that leads to progress towards outcome. These tools and processes include anchoring, NLP linguistic model, representational system and time line.


NLP coaching is different from other coaching in the form that the coach is able to work with emotion directly and quickly. It can also helps the client to re-pattern their thinking through linguistic and or sub-modalities shift. Hence, as an NLP coach you can work with clients who come with difficult emotions such as fear, phobia and anxiety.


You will learn

Core Skills
  • NLP Epistemology
  • Structure of success – outcome model
  • Calibration – develop the ability to notice verbal and non-verbal communication of others and self.
  • Representational systems and Sub-modality – the way in which human represents experiences and thinking. This allows you to manage and improve your thinking skills and manage challenging thoughts
  • Perceptual positions – The ability to think and act in different perceptual filters
  • Eye patterns
  • Linguistic model – Meta Model and Milton Model
  • State management – anchoring, circle of excellence and etc. This is very useful for emotional intelligence and high performance state applications
  • Fast phobia
  • Swish pattern
  • Belief map across pattern
  • Chaining anchor, collapse anchor
  • Time Line
  • Change Personal history

Solutions Focus (SF) Coaching
  • OSKAR model – a coaching model
  • SF principles
  • Micro skills for coaching
  • The coaching relationship
  • Ethical boundaries
  • Coaching contract
  • Process vs Content
  • Executive coaching, Life coaching
  • Evaluation
  • Demonstration of NLP skills
  • Demonstration of coaching skills

On successful completion of the course you will receive the following certificates:

  1. NLP Practitioner certificate from ITANLP signed by Dr. John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St. Clair and Michael Carroll.
  2. Certified NLP Practitioner and Coach issued by NLPCOACH Pte Ltd.