A good coach helps you perform better, a Great Coach Makes your life better.

Stanford's School of Medicine is presently increasing its focus on the wellness of Stanford employees. Blood pressure readings, lab tests and yearly physicals are an important indicators of health. But to be well, one also needs physical activity, good food and positive interpersonal relationships.

Simon Wong has been my teacher coach and mentor for the last three years. During this time I have learned how to greatly improve my work with Stanford's faculty and staff. I have developed the skill to quickly build rapport and put Health Improvement Program members at ease, help them define and chart their own goals and achievements and create a positive environment for change.

My work is fun and rewarding. I have also used these skills in the rest of my life. Every day brings new opportunities and possibilities.

Thank you, Coach Wong, you are truly a great coach.

Tom Rankin
Health Improvement Program
Stanford School of Medicine


Simon Wong is the difference that makes the difference in the NLP world!

I am Simone M., NLP Trainer & Coach (ITANLP & ACC) & Hypnotherapist (IAPCH).

I am passionate about NLP and, before meeting Simon, I attended numerous trainings, read dozens of books and bought various video products in order to fully understand NLP. However, I realized that my knowledge and my confidence were not good enough to help people and myself to achieve extraordinary results.

After realizing my limits as a Coach I enrolled to Simon’s NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses and thanks to his effective way to train people, my understanding of NLP as well as my coaching abilities skyrocketed.

Simon is really passionate and knowledgeable on the topic. He is able not only to teach you NLP, but also to provide you with the flexibility to use it in any situation both for coaching other people and to apply it to yourself.

Thanks to Simon, I can now confidently coach any client and work with any issue that my coachee brings on the table.

I thank Simon and his Team, in particular Jane SC Ho , to have helped me to achieve such great knowledge in the NLP fields.  Continue to make the difference!

Simone Micheletti

Certified NLP Trainer, ITANLP


Communicate More Effectively

Having completed my Master Practitioner many years ago, I came into Simon’s class as a reviewer. To my pleasant surprise and delight, it was not merely a review of concepts and ideas and structures.

Simon integrated Solutions Focus (SF) into the NLP practice and training from NLP co-founder, John Grinder.  The way he explains the concepts and illustrates them after his demos, was very very illuminating. It was far from a review as there was a lot of new learning.

I was also amazed to see the transformation in my friends who attended the class alongside me. There was a lot more awareness, consciousness and purposefulness around the use of language and listening to the deeper structures of things. They became enthusiastic and effective coaches at the end of the course! I would strongly recommend this to anyone who wishes to learn how to communicate better and more effectively, not necessary limited to those interested in coaching!

Cynthia Teo

Entrepreneur, Healer & Educator

Light on theory, heavy on NLP application

My name is Alvin Tai and I graduated from Simon Wong’s NLP Practitioner Program on May 2 2014.

A unique feature of his training brought the participation of his current students and graduates which allowed me to practice NLP with a partner under his close supervision to ensure the purity and the integrity of the NLP patterns. Simon has created a culture and a community for like-minded students/graduates like me to stay connected and continue to learn and grow with NLP.

As a result of his NLP training, I have started the journey of being aware of how my own mental maps are formed and how I can use NLP to enhance my experience in this world. My new found skill has also given me the ability to communicate effectively and work towards building better relationship with people. I now have the necessary knowledge and skills to begin my work as an agent of change to help people create and live a life they yearn for.

Alvin Tai
Director of International Outreach, Green River College
Certified ITANLP Trainer

Grew Sooo Much in Skills and Confidence

When I first met Simon and his NLP graduates, I immediately understood that they were able to do "magic" things using NLP. As a coach, I still felt unsure on how to properly coach my clients and how to help them in an effective way.  After attending Simon's NLP Practitioner course, I grew sooo much in skills and confidence.  And after the Master Practitioner course, I was able to raise my Game even more, that was fantastic! Not only I heartily recommend every coach or soon-to-become coach to learn NLP, I recommend to learn it with Simon!

Anh Thu Nguyen

Digital Business Coach & Professional Trainer

Core Of My Being Was Transformed

The course was everything I hoped it would be, only it delivered much, much more.  Going into the course I was simply curious.  There was not that much that I wanted to change about me or my life ... and then as we learnt more about the subject and what it can do, the possibilities opened up.

Simon was fun, informative and in many ways unforgettable.  All the things an excellent trainer should be.  He made so much of it seem effortless, as indeed it so often was.  The amount of knowledge that we covered in the time, and the changes practicing these methods brought, was and is beyond words.  In many ways it was all so easy, and yet, in a number of ways the very core of my being was transformed.  

I stand amazed and in awe at how radically NLP can change and affect peoples lives for the better, and highly recommend this course for who ever is looking to climb the corporate ladder or for those just looking to live life more fully and successfully.  The whole experience was extraordinary, and at the end of the training I knew I had been given the skills and was ready to move forward in my life with heartfelt confidence.  I haven't looked back.

Silvana Brown


NLP As A Powerful Change Enabler

I had many sparkling moments, the two most impactful ones were:

  1. This afternoon's evaluation where I witnessed how the various NLP tools can be utilised in so many creative ways to bring out the best solution for the client.  Listening to your explanations and watching the demonstrations throughout the 3 modules was certainly helpful but getting to design the strategies and applying the techniques ourselves during the evaluation brought my learning to an even higher level.  I am now beginning to understand what you meant by NLP as a powerful change enabler.
  2. How you walked the talk (as a coach) by consistently and continuously helping us to find the gems in ourselves and gently nudging us to raise the bar for ourselves.  To me, this is the true spirit of coaching.

"To Validate A Fellow Human Being And

Help Him Achieve His Greatest Potential."

Ann Tay 

Change In Me Has Positive Impact on Learning, Parenting, Relationship And Career

CheeSengLearning New Code NLP & Coaching with Simon has been an enriching learning journey for me. Simon artfully shared his knowledge and wisdom with many hands-on applications.

I am amazed by how quickly and effortlessly I engage the unconscious mind with content free, clean language questions taught by Simon. Utilising three primary sensory channels with positive intention, life has become richer and self-change is made simpler. The change in me has positive impact on learning, parenting, relationship and career.  Likewise, my application of new code games and patterns with others has brought astonishing results. There is a positive shift in thoughts experienced by others and the effect of resourceful state is felt and maintained.

Living and breathing NLP is a new way of life for me. Thank you Simon !

Chee Seng Cha

NLP Trainer & Coach

Insightfully Practical In His Approaches

Simon is flexible and insightfully practical in his approaches, which kind of sum up the essence of NLP, and he walks and breathes NLP. He is patient with the pace of others and he is confident in what he undertakes. He strives for simplicity and practicality in his training and coaching. You can be assured of your investment with him; he keeps what he promises.

Barney Wee

NLP Trainer, Mind Transformations

Coaching Becomes More Dynamic

NLP Practitioner and Coach Certification has equipped me with skills that far exceeded my initial expectation in any coaching training. 

NLP has helped me to understand and respect the views of other people. I become more aware of my responses under different situations, and self-apply the NLP techniques appropriately.  12 days from busy schedule were all worthwhile. 

Coaching becomes more dynamic after this NLP training.  Thanks Simon for effectively delivering the NLP techniques to us in such a way that we are able to apply them even in our daily lives.

Joanna Tham

HR Director, BOC Aviation Pte Ltd

NLP Has Make Me a Better Person

Simon has been the Genie of my Magic Lamp!  He is an experienced, competent and insightful trainer.  In addition, he has allowed me to tap into my inner potentials, and make me creative and resourceful.  NLP can be applied to literally all walks of life.  I am able to focus on the "desirable outcome" in many situations and observe with no prejudice and judgement. 

I didn't know that NLP can make me a better person - well, it certainly has!

Susan Hui

Hong Kong

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