NLP Practitioner & Coach Certification

Powerful Emotions That Drive Success

Harnessing Human Potential

Module 1:  Solution Focus Coaching



The human emotion is the most powerful force in us. It can destroy us or drive us to greatness. Despite its immense power, it is largely ignored in organizations, family and communities. In this programme, you will be privileged to learn the NLP tools that will help you to unlock this immense power for positive change.

You will be able to transform negative emotions to empowering ones and drive to realise dreams and potentials. Artfully utilising resources around us, you will move your needles further all the time.

Emotional Intelligence Tree

You will discover your Emotional Intelligence based on Genos International Emotional Intelligence (EI) assessment. During the course, you will learn and be coached on the six distinctive EI competencies. Practicing these six competencies will raise your performance in both social and leadership arena.

In this Module, your course fee will include a GENOS Emotional Intelligence self-assessment which will be debriefed by Trainer, Simon Wong.

Programme Outline & Learning Outcomes

  • Rigorously develop self-awareness of emotions, feelings and behaviour
  • Cognitive awareness in thinking and emotions
  • NLP Epistemology
  • NLP Representational System applied to coaching
  • Learn the structure of experience
  • Self-management - transforming unresourceful emotions to useful behaviours
  • Self-management - accessing empowering emotions for desired outcome and well-being
  • Awareness of other people emotions - calibration and elicitation skills
  • Inspiring performance through pacing and leading positive emotions and logical rationalisation
  • Re-patterning unresourceful state to resourceful state
  • Genos six (6) Emotional Intelligence competencies