What is Solutions Focus (SF) ?

The Solutions Focus is a powerful and highly effective way that leads to positive change in people, teams and organisations.

This approach focus on the solutions instead of the fruitless pursuit of problems. Constantly searching for what works instead of complaining about what is not working. Amplifies strengths instead of weaknesses. People becomes more motivated to perform better when they are perceived as competent and successful.

This radically simple and yet powerful method is the antidote to the sea of concepts and theories by management guru.

Organisations are now impacted with ever increasing speed of disruptions. The ability to navigate and rise above the change demands an adaptive approach. The rigid will perish at ever increasing speed. Solutions Focus (SF) is well suited as an adaptive approach to surf the change and stay ahead of the curve.

Solutions Focus (SF) has its roots from the brilliant psychiatrist, Dr. Milton Erickson. Steve DeShazer and Insoo Kim Berg developed and refined the process through more than forty years of extensive work with a large variety of clients. The SF approach is now widely use in psychotherapeutic, coaching, team coaching and organization development settings.